Que3nti1n Ho0cdé3 Creative Developer & Digital Artist

Hello from Brussels 👋 2022

Hello from Brussels 👋 2022

Hey folks,

Since 2013 I’m creating websites as a front-end developer. I graduated from Gobelins, l’école de l’image in France. After that, I’ve been working with a dream team for 6 years at Locomotive (Montreal, Canada) as a Creative Developer during the first 4 years and the last 2 years as Lead front-end. Everyday was different and I worked on many different things, with many challenges but always with a great vibe. These 6 years were really important to develop my creative spirit.

I'm addicted to well thought-through animations and smart user-experiences. Small websites is what I like to create, especially for a social cause. I also do generative art, creating algorithms which generate visuals and animations, mixing technology and colorful palettes. I’m in love with infinite mesmerizing loops but also with beautiful and smart generative compositions.

In 2021 I was ready for a new challenge, I decided to go back to France, quit my job, leave Canada and buy a camping-car to travel and work on the road in Europe. It was 6 months full of adventures and creations. Now I’m based in Brussels, Belgium, and I’m ready & set to work developing great websites and working on my own universe.

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